For Your home

For Your home

For Your home

Domestic staff - the most respectable staff for your homeland and our agency will help you get the correct pidibrati.

"Ess-Master" is pleased to offer servants to the home staff of the highest level in Ukraine behind the cordon.

Make our candidates a great winner, as well as respectfully respect all our candidates for the advanced robotics. At our base, there is no need for more, better knowledge, high qualifications, re-qualification and competent candidates. Our candidates will ensure your comfort, security and that unreasonable overlook for your lane, confidentiality and perseverance.

Our consultants are guaranteed, in fact, all our candidates are in need of a little more understanding of the needs of robot teachers, and I’m looking forward to serving Vinyatka's service to the staff.

We have a loan for home and housekeeping personnel for private residences and family offices, private bureaus and private clubs, concierge services, apartments and chalets.

We can protect the servants:

  • housekeeper;
  • personal driver;
  • personal cook;
  • waiter;
  • banquet manager;
  • nursemaid;
  • governess;
  • sick-nurse;
  • gardener;
  • married couple at home;
  • housemaid with skills of a home cook and knowledge of mediterranean cuisine / diet.

An important indicator that indicates a high level of the house is always correct, impeccably dressed and almost invisible to the employer staff who do their job well.

By entrusting us with the recruitment process, you will be able to fully focus on your own tasks. And all the worries about the house will be taken over by the domestic staff selected by us.

Let's not forget about pets! We can offer you the services of governesses who will take care of your pets, in parallel with all the household chores. They know how to properly care for them and follow their diet. In addition, we can provide your pets with grooming and walking services (depending on your area of ​​residence).

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