Trainings and employment on Super yachts

Trainings and employment on Super yachts

Trainings and employment on Super yachts

Looking for a career on a super yacht?

Or, a high salary and the opportunity to see the most beautiful cities and coasts?  On that note, this information is for you.

Courses for girls who want to get started their career in yacht sphere.


I conduct the courses individually.

The knowledge that you get is quite enough for working on yachts, since the courses were compiled by myself (based on my experience).

The information you will learn during the course:

  • varieties and types of Yachts, structure and name of each deck;
  • yachting terminology;
  • laundry work (washing, ironing, delivery, chemicals);
  • housekeeping (accurate, step-through cleaning of cabins, salons and restrooms);
  • service (preparation, table decor, serving of food and drinks);
  • the full name of the table-ware (which I pronounce incrementally);
  • safety;
  • preparation of a professional resume and video message;
  • control questions;
  • preliminary interview with me.

IT IS OBLIGATORY TO BOOK YOU ON THE INTERVIEW WITH THE YACHT CAPTAIN (this is the key factor which distinguishes my courses from all others - I do not leave my students alone, but provide with interviews the result of which depends only on them).

10 lessons

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For more details, you can contact me by phone: +380503332105 Elena

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