Our methods

Our methods

Our methods

In the process of finding decent candidates for your company, we apply three main methods of selecting personnel, namely:

  • recruitment;
  • direct search;
  • preliminaring.

With the help of the recruitment method, we select candidates for linear positions.  We work with job boards and we also look through the job applications to specific vacancies. The search is mainly conducted among applicants who are actively seeking employment. When it comes to the consideration of a candidate’s resume, first of all - we draw our attention to his professional experience in order to verify his competence and compliance with the basic requirements requested by our partner.

What concerns the direct search, it should be noted that it is divided in turn into 2 subtypes:

  • head hunting;
  • exclusive search.

Head hunting means 'hunting' for specialists. Due to this method, we conduct a goal-oriented search and selection of administrative staff and qualified specialists of a high level. Headhunting involves communication  with people who are not currently looking for a job.

We use the head hunting method in Odessa based on our knowledge of the Odessa candidates market  as well as personal contacts with high-level specialists in various business sectors.

Exclusive search is the search for an employee in the case when the partner means a specific person. We begin the search for the required specialist on different job boards/ in social networks or seek recommendations from the employee's surroundings. Besides that,  we can also contact him by phone and during this conversation we identify the particular motivation of the candidate and can demonstrate why this particular vacancy is suitable for this particular candidate. And during the interview, we ask questions about the professional experience of the person in order to provide the partner with the right specialist.

The method of preliminaring means the involvement of young specialists, students.  This engagement of young specialists is carried out through practical training and internships.  More often,  these are students or already graduates of universities. In the course of time they become employees of this company.

Our advantages are an intelligent and professional personnel selection as well as honesty in relations with our partners and candidates.

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